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X-Ray Examination

The system allows for accurate high resolution x-ray imaging, while redusing patients exposure to radiation eliminating the need for retakes and also allows for electronic transfer of images from one location to other.


An Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat. With each heartbeat, an electrical impulse (or "wave") travels through the heart. This wave then causes the muscle to squeeze and pump blood from the heart. The ECG equipment is designed for acquisition, with or without analysis. It has online storage facilities as well as a separate cable for the patient to enjoy some flexibility.

Hormone Analysis

Measuring hormone levels is essential for the proper diagnoses of perimenopause, menopause, andropause or other hormone related disease states such as hypothyroidism and adrenal exhaustion (chronic fatigue syndrome), which all exhibit similar and overlapping symptoms making an accurate diagnosis based on symptoms alone very difficult. Hormone level testing also enables you to closely monitor your hormones ensuring they all remain adequately balanced and within the optimal physiological range.


Meditrust Diagnostic Centre has very well equipped spacious lab with highly qualified staff. The lab follows strict internal and external quality control programmes for blood test, urine test, and entire laboratory investigations. Use of fully automized analyzer that eliminates the chance of human error. Periodic calibaration of all instruments and measuring devices. Implementation of an online Quality control (QC) program including participation in International EQA programs from reputed vendors. Involvement of highly qualified, competent and dedicated professionals, in every step of the testing procedures.

Clinical Physician

To examine the visual acquity, hearing ability, allergy, blood pressure(BP), BPM, skin to correlate laboratory screened blood test of individuals and if necessary provide them with primary care treatment if required cases which require secondary or territory level treatment are referred to the respected department.

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